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feel at home if you don't speak english. >> a friend tried to order at mcdonald's and the lady was spanish speak. >> reporter: in the county seat in westminster you see bilingual posters in english and spanish. if one carroll county commissioner gets his way he would have all official language in english only. he said the reason is two-fold. >> to encourage assimilation as wave after wave of immigrants have done throughout our country's history, and secondly, it prevents the county from income a position where it's got to start expending costs to be bilingual or whatever the case may be.
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>> reporter: shoe maker said 31 states have passed similar measures. yet, the proposal as prompted criticism from opponents. >> some folks accusing us of having hidden white hoods, bigotry and that sort of thing. the fact remains, nothing could be further from the truth. what we're trying to encourage is assimilation. we're all the melting pot. this is the united states of america. that's the objective. >> reporter: in carroll county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> the public has been encouraged to speak out before the board's weekly meeting in westminster but there's no word whether that public comment must be in english. well, the o's had a tough go of it last night but they got another chance to creep up on the yankees tonight. jamie costello is live outside the yard.
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but, first, let's check in with mike masco to see whether you need an umbrella or rain coat. >> we will need the rain gear. take a look, a live shot, not much happening. there are storms near philadelphia. right now the atmosphere is loaded and ready. i have kept that in the forecast. take a look at the shot. a gorgeous day, feeling more like summer, 80s across many locations. right now we're at 81. dulles 83. eastern shore numbers between 80 and 83. if you're going to the game a mild 77 degrees. keep an eye to the sky. maybe a shower or storm could boil up. the rest of the forecast, your hour by hour will stay into the 70s. we're back on abc2 news at 11. a sure tomorrow could lead to a
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thunderstorm. we'll time the arrival coming up. this is stressful. i know it's been 15 years, so we get anxiety that goes with the playoff push. >> that's pretty good. listen. we're anxious about the weather tonight. looking at the schedule we thought the orioles have an off day tomorrow. toronto has to be in new york. can't play on monday because the orioles will be in tampa bay. we'll wait out this storm. right now we have a storm of accents. this is steve. >> carney. >> and you drew up in -- >> ontario. >> this is his first time here. >> welcome to baltimore. >> what do you like about our city? >> great city. great walking on the harbor.
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we had a blast. great people, always helpful. >> friendly? >> very friendly. >> we owe you one. >> where would you tell him to go if he had a couple more hours? >> maybe whitley's. >> what do you think? >> maybe. >> watch this. we just met. his wife, mary jo, used to have an uncle sal who used to run the court commissioner's office in towson. am i right? >> yes. >> thanks for coming. you got a great city. do you know toronto is the next most popular city next to rome. >> yes. >> another handshake here. >> go o's. >> keep the hat on.
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all right. orioles tonight 7:05 against the jays from toronto. the orioles have to win, right? tell mary jo i said -- said hello. show your orange pride. we're seeing crowley shirts. we're seeing adam jones shirts, brooks shirts. show off your prize -- shirts. we'll see uptonight at 6:00. >> all right. thanks a lot, jamie. well, you know, every time you go to the airport, it seems like the lines are the same, the food is the same but the baggage fees keep getting higher and higher. airline officials blame higher fuel costs but a new report is shedding some light on just how much they are really raking in.
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>> checking your bag at the airport has added up to big business for u.s. airlines, so big that the airlines raked in record profits according to a new federal report. >> it's outrageous. >> i think it's awful. >> reporter: those fees starting at $25 added up to $1.7 billion the first half of this year. northwest-delta top -- delta airlines topped the list. some airlines are even taking baggage fees to a whole new level in time for the holidays. >> spirit airlines will be charging as much as $100 for a carry on bag. >> reporter: the inspector
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general sees baggage fees continuing as the airline deals with oil problems and labor disputes. one airline taking advantage of the backlash is southwest. >> you got to give it up. the bags fly free. >> reporter: in a new ad southwest is trying to get passengers with the bags fly free policy. jetblue gives the first checked bag free. experts say the best way to book -- to safe is to -- save is to book your ticket for tuesday, wednesday or saturday. >> your credit score determines whether you can buy or lease a car. why are some seeing a different number than you are. >> the presidential candidates are nearly stepping on each other's toes.
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where the battle for votes is being bought. >> here come the clouds. we're tracking a few storms for the next three days. details coming up on the news at 5.
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remember that peanut butter recall we told you about earlier this week. it's expanding. first, trader joe's recalled it because of a possible salmonella contamination, but the company that makes it is removing product from giant stores. they're recalling the banana and raspberry spread with expiration dates of may and september of this yeemplet giant customers say they clan bring in their receipts for a full refund. i think that's until next year. it happens to lots of people. you sit down for a meeting with the mortgage lender only to hear your credit score is a lot lower than you thought. there may be a reason. the researchers looked at 200,000 credit reports and found one in five of the reports consumers get from credit bureaus are very different from the ones sent to lenders.
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they recommend shopping around with different lenders if you have one telling you you have a lower score than you actually believe that you really have. well, we had some of the highest profile republicans in the country calling for him to drop out of politics. we'll tell you which former presidential candidate is throwing his name behind a congressman who made the headlines about legitimate rape. >> they're lower in fat and full of nutrients. why some students say the newer lunch menus are leaving them hungry.
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take a look at the time lapse photographer, ellicott city. most of the afternoon with the sunshine. here come the clouds. the clouds will be in place.
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still dry in many location. havre de grace a beautiful shot earlier on. it allowed for the temperatures to get to 80, 81. here's the shot downtown in high definition. we sit at the 5:30 hour of 81 degrees. a very mild afternoon. humidity up there. dew point at 60. that barometric pressure around 30 inches. that's going to change as more stormy weather comes back into the picture. 81 in town. d.c. at 83. we should be right around 74 degrees for your afternoon high. 82 we made it to at bwi. the record stays in the books for another year. in terms of the winds, it's a kick out of the southerly direction. expect a breezy type of condition. you notice the clouds bill
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lowing back in across the region. your planner features clouds, maybe a spotty shower or storm. the 76 degrees. it's a mild 72 at 11:00. muggy, mild once again. 78 on our way to 80. here's maryland's most popular radar clear overhead. we have to watch an impulse coming through. that may trigger a shower or storm. we're keeping the showers in the forecast. you notice all the action back over central pennsylvania. more storms are trying to fly over west virginia. that's what we'll keep an eye on as we go into the mid-night hour, into the predawn hours. we could see more showers. this is where the cold front is located. this is what's going to drift south over the next 24 hours. the cooler air over central canada but that will wait until sunday. we have to deal with an unsettled pattern.
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take a look at the temperatures. 63 in chicago. 92 in dallas. memphis at 87. we're sandwiched in between. that's why we're seeing our daytime highs at 0 to 82 -- 80, 82. muggy and mild. here comes the front. it puts the brakes on south of d.c. that's close enough to bring us spotty showers, not only for thursday but going into friday and the possibility of a shower spot storm in the forecast. 64 in town. mostly cloudy, spot thunderstorms possible through the course of the overnight. mainly cloudy skies, a shower and storm developing. here is your seven-day forecast. we have the ravens in town. that's a night game. things might be unsettled, so bring the umbrella.
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boston comes into town. things look, again, unsettled. spot shower, temperatures fall back into the 70s. kelly? >> thanks a lot. >> well, in democracy 2012 news both presidential candidates are campaigning in ohio, a state that will play a huge role coming up this november. tory dunnan joins us from washington. set this up. why is the buckeye state so important this year. >> reporter: well, kelly, all you have to do is take a look at map. you can understand why the candidates are spending so much time in ohio. this is cnn's electoral map. 237 to 191. on election day you need to reach 270 for a victory. the tossup states are in yellow.
5:50 pm
say president obama wins ohio, his numbers go up to 255. say he wins another huge state like florida and he is at 284. all of a sudden it's game over. now you see why the candidates are focused on the buckeye state. >> very different messages for mitt romney and president obama. who are they talking to and where in ohio? >> reporter: mitt romney is in the middle of this campaign bus tour through the state. it's lasting three days. he's doing three campaign rally. this is the latest poll showing president obama with a 51%, 44% lead. >> there's so many in our country that are hurting right now. i want to help them. i know what it takes to get an
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economy going again. >> reporter: as for the president, this was his 29th trip to ohio before taking office. he held rallies at two college campuses. obama targeted the middle class vote while speaking to supporters at bowling green university. >> we can create 1 million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years with the right policies. that's what i'm fighting for. that's why i'm running for a second term as president. that's what's going to be important to ohio. >> reporter: the closer and closer we get to election day the candidates will have to start weighing where they want to spend more of their time and mony. of course ohio will be at the top of the list. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> well, both candidates -- both of these folks have been out of the headlines for awhile but rick santorum is throwing his support behind a controversial colleague. missouri congressman todd akin jumped into the spotlight after
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making comments about legitimate rape saying the bodies of women who were raped would be able to prevent a pregnancy. he later apologized for the wording he used and decided to stay in the race for the u.s. senate even though a lot of republicans aren't backing him. school and community partnerships are helping stotteds excel in the classroom. pnc and morgan state are teaming up to teach students about finances. our education reporter sherrie johnson shows us how financial literacy is making a difference. >> reporter: it's not your average day here in northeast baltimore. students are getting financially fit. they're learning how to manage money. it's all a part of appalachian hope. >> it's important that we have the knowledge, the skills, the
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concepts of living a good life and managing money. it comes into play. >> reporter: operation hope teamed up with pnc bank and morgan state to teach students about checking and savings accounts, the power of credits, budgeting and needs and wants. they try to drive the point home. >> it's important to get it from people who aren't too much older than they are. they chan see it isn't something you wait to do when you're old. students can have live experiences from people who are in their shoes, maybe 10, 15 years ago. >> reporter: pnc donated $100,000 to the program. students were receptive to the lesson. >> it's fun and interesting because we get to learn about money. >> reporter: with the proper guidance and smart decisions, these students will be on the
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right track financially. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the students are from fourth to 12th grade. this year the goal is to educate 4500 students. coming up at 6:00 a 7 week hold puppy stolen from a rescue group. >> pennsylvania has punxsutawney phil, so baltimore needs its own weather predicting animal. we'll meet baltimore bill. first, let's get a preview. >> it's the best kept secret of the planet, jk rowling's novel. she's revealing more secrets. world news with diane sawyer and later on a special nightline on
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we're a few weeks into the school year but some students are handing out grades because of a few federal nutrition laws. some students say they appreciate having more opts of fruits and vegetables but others say they leave the lunch room feeling hungry. >> you want more food to keep you going, keep the energy in you. >> whether students say they like the change or not, school
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officials say they have just as many students who continue to buy them. >> baltimore city police make an arrest in an almost 4-year-old murder case. thatster ri and much or -- that story and much more coming up at 6:00 which starts right now. look at this face. the puppy is not even weaned from his mother yet, stolen from an animal rescue. we'll tell you what volunteers are doing to get the puppy back. >> his proposal are drawing accusations of bigotry. how the commissioner is trying to make english the official language. >> i'm with the bird man of baltimore. we have seven days left. let's run the table starting tonight. jamie costello live at camden yards. abc2 news at 6:00 starts right now.

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